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FREEDOM WARS:  Story Introduction Trailer

Posted by: FREEDOM WARS - Team Asia

Category: Games > PlayStation Vita

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID , PH

Hello, everyone. This is the multi-play recapture action team of FREEDOM WARS. Today we would like to put our focus on introducing the story trailer to you.








What do you think? Since now you should have an idea of how Beatrice and Abel who were introduced earlier pervious articleNew Characters Part.2 will appear in the game. For this video, we will also show how FREEDOM WARS is not only about the battles between artificial adaptors, about also about the human battles between sinners of other enemy Panopticons (PT).



The story is also centered on how the sinners fight each other in order to contribute to the PT that they belong to. The independence and existence of PT all depends on resources obtained and recaptured by the sinners. During this process many sinners are sacrificed as well. Different from the battles against the adaptors, fighting with other sinners is a much smaller task which requires high speed actions. In other words, the use of long distance weapons or skills for short distance attacks from the blind spot is necessary.


FREEDOM WARS is the latest title developed by SCE Japan studio for PlayStation®Vita. Please look forward for further information update!


FREEDOM WARS Official Website


PlayStation Facebook Page


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