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Sam Chan

FFXIII-2 Interview with Game Director Motomu Toriyama, on the Additional Scenario of Lightning

Posted by: Sam Chan // Community Specialist

Category: Games > PS3

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID

Several Final Fantasy XIII-2 add-ons have been released on PSN on 15th May, among which Lightning’s additional scenario; Requiem of the Goddness has been under the spotlight. We have conducted an interview with Mr. Motomu Toriyama, Director of FFXIII-2, who has shared with us some insights into this new add-on.





Interview with Motomu Toriyama

Q:A new episode featuring Lightning is going to be out soon. Could you give us a brief introduction of the storyline and highlights?


Toriyama:A new episode entitled "Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess,"  reveals hidden truths behind the endings of"Final Fantasy XIII-2" such as how the battle between Lightning and Caius in Valhalla was and how Lightning was viewing the journey of Serah and Noel. The episode also unveils the mysterious entity called Chaos to some degree.

Q:Lightning and Caius, both of them are willing to fight for what they believe. What are the points you felt most challenging or required creativity in order to highlight the uniqueness of individual characters?


Toriyama:Lightning's Story uncovers Caius' physical power. Not just the story itself, we also strived to express the reality of the battle between the Goddess and the Evil in Valhalla, a place located at a short distance from the Holy Domain. The battle system in this episode is like an ultimate form of the ATB (Active Time Battle) System and enables  players to enjoy a fully new battle system including one on one battles with the action and speed of a fighting game.


Q:Could you let us know why new roles have been specially arranged for Lightning's Story?


Toriyama:The battle system in this episode embodies culmination of the Paradigm Shift which linked FFXIII to XIII-2. The roles here featuring the attributes of previous roles such as Commando and Ravenger, enable Lightning to judge the best combination of roles in a split second and dodge the attack Caius' attacks. Players have to battle in Lightening's Story by strategically combining various battle elements such as the Paradigm Shift and attributes of each role, such as Wounding and Chains & Staggering.


Another reason we introduced new roles in Lightning's Story is because the battle in this episode is extremely difficult. But we are pretty much sure even beginers can complete the battle by raising the ability levels. For players who prefer repeated-play, we recommend them to lower the levels so that the they can achive a high score in the battle. The score can be posted in facebook. We hope that will make you and your friends more competitive in playing this new episode.


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