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Sam Chan

Worldwide Studios President Presents the “Cross Platform” Features

Posted by: Sam Chan // Community Specialist

Category: News > Events

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID , VN , PH


A series of producer sessions were held during Tokyo Game Show by SCE Asia for game media to conduct interviews with the producers and to obtain more updated information about the new titles.

Worldwide Studios President Presents the “Cross Platform” Features

Apart from the announcement of new PlayStation titles, the Cross Platform feature of PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita was also a highlight introduced to the public in this year’s Tokyo Game Show.


Trial stands were available at the show venue to let visitors experience a brand-new cross platform gameplay between PS3™ and PS Vita. For the interview session, SCE Asia invited Mr. Shuhei Yoshida from SCE Worldwide Studio to demonstrate and talk about the six features of this innovative cross platform play via a demo of “LittleBigPlanet™ 2”.


The six features are Cross Play, Cross Goods, Remote Play, Cross Save, Cross Buy and Cross Controller.


According to Mr. Yoshida, a DLC will be launched at the end of this year, bringing the Cross Platform feature to “LittleBigPlanet™ 2”. He demonstrated how Cross Play and Cross Controller allow two players to cooperate in making through the levels. In other words, when a player uses DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller to control the character, another player can hold onto PS Vita, on which a special screen shows the structure of the stage and traps. The 2P player thus gives hints to the player who is controlling Sackboy on choosing the right path and actions to avoid traps, move obstacles along the way with PS Vita touchscreen to help Sackboy get pass.


Mr. Yoshida expressed that the Cross Platform feature update introduces a brand-new gameplay to existing titles, as well as delivering an alternative gaming experience to gamers. In his answer to a reporter’s question on the future development of the Cross Platform feature, Mr. Yoshida said that apart from upcoming new titles from SCE Worldwide Studio being compatible with the Cross Platform feature, they would also actively demonstrate and provide development support to third party developers so that more of them will be interested in this new feature and develop more compatible titles.


Mr. Yoshida also explained other new features- Cross Goods allows players to use DLC, game items and UGC on both platforms; Cross Save allows players to share the save data of a game between playing at home and on the go; and with Cross Buy, players can own two versions of the same title at one single price, further encouraging players to use the Cross Platform feature.


Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more details of the various “Cross” features!


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