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  PlayStation Home / Matthew Harper

PlayStation Home

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Matthew Harper

Visit the 2012 E3 Virtual Booth Today

Posted by: Matthew Harper // Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms, SCEA
Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Home

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID

So you’ve loaded your HDD (err…brain) up with all the exciting PlayStation® news that was announced in our 2012 E3 Press Conference and have moved into that phase where you anxiously watch the countdown clock tick on towards the release of top PlayStation® titles. But there’s no need to stand by idly waiting for the newest PS3™, PS Vita, and PSN games to hit the proverbial shelves, when you can get hands-on in the 2012 virtual E3 Experience, now live in PlayStation®Home!


Journey through our special E3 quest, hosted by Christina Lee, and unlock exclusive rewards from the hottest games like God of War: Ascension, Assassin’s Creed III, PlayStation® All-Stars: Battle Royale, LittleBigKarting (and LittleBigPlanet: Vita, of course), Borderlands 2, and get a head start on all your friends before this highly-anticipated title hits PSN later this year. Collect all the content from the main floor and you’ll gain access to the VIP area where you will get even more exclusive content!


Even if you are reading this from the Los Angeles Convention Center, you need to set a reminder to log in to PlayStation®Home this week and check out the 2012 Virtual E3 Experience. This content can only be accessed on your PS3™ and will never be available again after we shut the virtual doors…


What are you waiting for?



Information about Global Space

1. Age rating will be applied upon entry. Users of age 18 and up are allowed to enter.

2. Some items that other avatars are wearing may not be obtained in your country/region.


Notice: This is a space that fully reconstructs the PlayStation® booth in E3® 2012 which is currently being held in Los Angeles, California. Users in Asia are allowed to access, but please be noted that all the contents, trailers and information in this space belong to Sony Computer Entertainment America, and there is nothing related to the information regarding release in Asian territories.


The rewards listed below are not available for users in Asia due to copyright issues.

・Home Tycoon


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your understanding.

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