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What's on PSN This Week - 6th November

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Store

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID


Action, more actions and yet more actions. This week’s new titles are so action-packed that you feel as if you could not just sit and play. Let’s act now and find out more about these actions.


What do you Grab “When Vikings Attack”?

Finally, finally the Vikings are here! After all the pre-launch activities – a character design competition and an online poll that got everyone flexing their creativity to design their own character and voting their favorite ones, the Vikings have finally arrived on 7th November (HK$80@PS Store)!


Well, but they’re still 1200 years late to the party. For those who haven’t been following our in-depth posts from the developers, “When Vikings Attack” sees a battalion of Viking invaders causing havoc in your town! What can an average citizen like you- such as a construction worker or a policeman do? Protect your town! Take to the street, use whatever you find –phone booths or cars- and… just throw them at the invaders!  Truly action-packed and definitely best for satisfying your long-time wish of throwing things you have always wanted to throw and releasing stress.


Keep on throwing and unlock the three character designs by gamers from Asia, USA and Europe which were crowned winners of the character design competition previously in this post and have them in your league. Play with up to 4 players or enjoy Cross Play between PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita. Find out what will you do when Vikings attack!


Demo version also out on the same day. PlayStation®Plus members are entitled to a FREE PS3™ dynamic theme and a special 30% off offer on PS3™ version (i.e. HK$56) during the 1st week only after the game launched!



"Devil May Cry" Returns Darker and Finer


Dante, one of the most iconic video game characters of the last decade, is back. For the first time, the “Devil May Cry” series is enhanced with HD graphics, new goals, bonus content and support for Trophies and packed with “Devil May Cry”, “Devil May Cry 2” and “Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition” as the brand-new “Devil May Cry HD Collection” on 7th November (HK$218@PS Store). Have your dark journey re-defined with stunning quality and experience more fully than before such as viewing the underworld through a new set of eyes as you play as Dante’s twin brother in “Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition”. Give it a go and see if you still remember how it first felt when you plunged deeper into this hellish world.



“Joe Danger” Stuns the World with More Acrobatic Actions




As if gamers had been shouting “we want more crazy actions!”,  here are some more bursting out on 6th November as we welcome “Joe Danger 2: The Movie” (HK$92@ PS Store) to the store. The world’s most determined stuntman is now back to challenge more death-defying thrill ride across the set of the greatest blockbuster movie ever made. Chase crooks on your police bike, destroy laser firing robots with a stolen jetpack, escape giant boulders in a minecart, time-travel to punch dinosaurs …Beat your friends in fun, intense 4 player multiplayer, featuring unique vehicles like snowmobiles, jetpacks, unicycles, skis and motorbikes! A demo version will also be out on the same day… so let’s see how far your guts take you.



Augmented Reality PS Vita Games Set to Blur the Line Between Reality and Games


The way of PS Vita gaming is never the same again! A total of 4 AR card exclusive games will be released on PS Store on 7th November! AR refers to Augmented Reality, a brand-new way of playing that with the use of 1-6 AR cards, your gaming and real world are merged into one via PS Vita’s camera.




What's it about?

Release Date / Price
Table FootballSportsTurn a flat surface into your own football pitch with 6 AR cards and play a game of exciting football against your friends via ad hoc connection7th November / Free
Cliff DivingSportsAny surface can be turned into a threatening cliff for Dan the courageous diver to challenge. Display your excellent diving skills to earn prize money7th November / Free
FireworksActionChoose a real background and create a spectacular firework performance, perform combos to earn special bonuses.7th November / Free
PulzARPuzzleProtect our earth from incoming asteroids. This unique AR puzzle game lets you re-direct a laser beam to target using reflectors, splitters and color filters, and ultimately ignite a rocket aimed toward incoming asteroids!7th November / HK$15



“Home For Halloween” Ends Soon

Don’t miss the “Home For Halloween” event running until 7th November! Simply go to PlayStation®Home and dress up your avatar in a spooky Halloween outlook, take a snapshot, and create a slideshow with PlayMemories Studioand you’ll be in for a chance to win some fabulous Sony prizes! Go to this post for more details.






“E.X.TROOPERS” Demo & free Custom theme
Released Date: 6th NovemberPlatform: PlayStation®3

The demo and custom theme of CAPCOM action shooting game “E.X.TROOPERS” have been released! The game features intense action shooting gameplay and an engaging storyline. Begin your fight with various charismatic characters. Enjoy online play with up to 2 friends and unleash powerful ultimate combos with your friends! Help your friend return to the battlefield immediately when they are knocked down and continue to fight against the influx of enemies!


“Hatsune miku -Project DIVA- f” add-on: Additional module set

Released Date: 6th November

Platform: PlayStation®Vita

The aesthetic and rhythmic game “Hatsune miku -Project DIVA- f” is releasing an add-on with 3 additional modules, featuring 3 modules’ characters that are well-known among Hatsune miku fans: Kasane Teto, Yowane Haku and Akita Neru. If you love these 3 derived characters, this add-on is a must-buy for you!




“Sports Champions 2” add-on: Full Unlock Pack 
Release Date: 6th November


“Sports Champions 2” Full Unlock Pack is out! Can’t wait to enjoy all amazing things in the game? Then you should download this pack! After purchase, you can fully enjoy all sports events in “Sports Champions 2”. Don’t stop moving once you have started and turn yourself into a true sport champion!






Other Hot Release:





Dark Cloud


(Classic 2)

PS3™6th November
Harvest Moon®: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


(Classic 2)

PS3™6th November
Innocent Life: A futuristic Harvest Moon® Special Edition


(Classic 2)

PS3™6th November
River King™: A Wonderful Journey


(Classic 2)

PS3™6th November


PS Vita6th November
ToeJam & EarlGamePS3™7th November
ToeJam & Earl 2Game PS3™7th November
YouTubeApplicationPS3™7th November


  • Color Palette Add-On 9 [Free]
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 16
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 17
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 18
  • TK Boost Gem Pack 16
  • TK Boost Gem Pack 17
  • TK Boost Gem Pack 18
  • Boost Gem Trial Pack 7 [Free]

PS3™ &

PS Vita


6th November

Super Monkey Ball TOKUMORI ASOBITA!:

  • Sega White Pack [Free]
AddonPS Vita7th November

New Little King's Story

  • Princess Lolita Set 1
  • Princess Lolita Set 2
  • Work Set
  • Winter Set
AddonPS Vita8th November


  • orgarhythm User BGM Stage 01 [Free]

PS Vita

8th November

Sleeping Dogs (Jap. Ver.):

  • SWAT Pack 2
AddonPS3™6th November
8th November


  • Kamza Onsen Quest TOKI
AddonPS3™8th November

Ultra Dimension NeptuneV:

  • Ghost Fighter [Free]
  • RAM/ROM Special WEAPON Beta ver.
  • NOIRE/UNI Special WEAPON Beta ver.
  • NEPTUNE/NEPGEAR Special WEAPON Beta ver.
AddonPS3™8th November

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