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PSN Top 10 PS3™ and PS Vita Games in December

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Store


“The HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4” Made a Comeback

As we go over the 3 top-selling PlayStation® games in December last year we cannot help but feel surprised- the top 2 titles were not new ones of the month, proving their unrivalled popularity!


December 2012 -  PlayStation®3 Game Downloads Top 3

1st Place:


2nd Place:

Castlevania Harmony of Despair

3rd Place:

Chaos Code


The top-seller of December is “The HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4”, a shooting game about saving the world from nuclear disaster; 1st runner-up goes to “Castlevania Harmony of Despair”, an action adventure game that includes all the vampire killers from series’ previous titles with its well-received co-operation mode. Both were top-sellers earlier in the year, now back in the Top 10 due to the popularity of their Christmas campaign discounts. If you missed our Christmas campaign, don’t worry because more offers are coming in 2013!

New fighting game “Chaos Code” has gained its 3rd place so don’t you try to look down on new games! Attractive, Japanese anime style characters are fighting against each other with their unique moves for a mysterious message named “chaos code”. If you love to play Japanese style fighting game, don’t miss it!


Zombies has arrived PS Vita! Quickly get some Plants!

Different from the PS3™ one, PlayStation®Vita ranking changed a lot! So let’s check out our top-sellers in December.

December 2012 -  PlayStation®Vita Game Downloads Top 3

1st Place:

Plants vs. Zombies™

2nd Place:

UNCHARTED™ Fight for Fortune

3rd Place:

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken



Ranked on the top is “Plant vs. Zombies™”, a new take of the title on PS Vita. This strategy game sees gamers using different kinds of plants to fight against zombies, perfect for casual gamers who are after more strategies and who wish to demonstrate their wits.

“UNCHARTED™ Fight for Fortune” on the 2nd place proves that the epic “UNCHARTED™” series is a big hit… even if it is a card game! Based on the “UNCHARTED™” universe, every card you find in this game is a familiar character or artifact… interaction with “UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss” is also available. If you have missed our previous post here, don’t miss it again!


The 3rd top-seller, PS Vita version “Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken”, is also one of the games released in December. There is also a PS3™ version for this side-scrolling action game. This game WAS a PlayStation®Plus exclusive game but it IS now available for everyone! You are missing another awesome game if you haven’t played it!


PSN Top 10 PS3™ Games in December


1.THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 full game

2.Castlevania Harmony of Despair  full game

3.Chaos Code full game

4.Journey full game

5.THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 3 full game

6.Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown full game


8.When Vikings Attack™ full game

9.Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires full game

10.Bomberman ULTRA full game




PSN Top 10 PS Vita Games in December


1.Plants vs. Zombies™ full game

2.UNCHARTED™ Fight for Fortune full game

3.Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken  full game

4.When Vikings Attack™ full game

5.Ragnarok Odyssey full game


7.Persona 4 The GOLDEN full game

8.OPEN ME! digest ver.

9.Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed full game

10.PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale full game


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