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What's on PSN This Week - 29th January

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Store

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID


It still feels like yesterday when we celebrated the arrival of 2013, and all of a sudden the end of January is upon us. Time really flies, so let’s not waste time and get to our weekly highlights of game titles right away!



Dive Underground in “Knytt Underground™”’s Amazing Adventure






Our second highlight title of this week is “Knytt Underground™”, out on 29th January for both PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita (Both HK$118@PS Store).


You play as “Mi”, a mute but extraordinary sprite who develops special powers as she embarks upon a quest to ring the six bells of fate which if not rung every six hundred years will begin a chain reaction that will obliterate the world- which is huge and acts as the setting of this quirky story. Tackle an array of thrilling quests, unique zen-like gameplay and meet plenty of dynamic characters on your way in this 2D platformer! Start your journey through this vibrant and enchanted underground world and embrace yourself for a captivating and unparalleled experience!



Free Title for Puzzle Lovers!

“Treasures of Montezuma Blitz” is a puzzle title complete free for life to download and play to be released on 29th January.


This shiny new puzzle game for PS Vita utilizes the unique abilities of the hand-held console to deliver a fun and visually stunning match-three experience! With both Front and Rear Touch at your fingertips, there is no limit to how fast you can play, and gravity adds even more challenge to the game's fast-paced rounds. Use awesome bonuses to compete with your friends and be the best in weekly tournaments!


Coming out on the same day are three paid add-ons- Lives Refill (HK$5 @PS Store), ToM Blitz 100,000 Crystals Super (HK$132 @PS Store)and Scratchcard (HK$8 @PS Store). The Lives Refill completely restore all 5 consecutive plays player has immediately when they are consumed, perfect for those who do not wish to wait for the lives to be restored over time. The “ToM Blitz 100,000 Crystals Super” is a best deal on ToM Blitz Crystals- the game’s Virtual Currency, which can be used to upgrade bonuses that increase a player's chances of racking up a high score. Scratchcard allows player to have an extra go at the daily minigame – a bingo-type game that allows players to win a number of extra Crystals.



Another “Attack” of the Vikings!

I believe many of you have been fighting against or have already beaten the intruding Vikings, but you happen to have not yet played “When Vikings Attack”, the "When Vikings Attack™! Special Edition” to be out on 31st January is your reason of buying now! Priced at HK$102, this edition includes the following for PS3™ and PS Vita. This is a 10% off compared to purchasing the contents individually and also includes brand new add-ons! Join the anti-Vikings league now!



When Vikings Attack™! Special Edition

When Vikings Attack™ full game

When Vikings Relax! Game Pack :

Featuring 10 multiplayer battle arenas and the single player Infinite Survival Mode, along with a host of special warrior costumes to unlock.

When Vikings Attack™! Avater x 4pcs
When Vikings Attack™ Dynamic Theme 



Update on 30st January : We were notified by the publisher Activision that the release date of "Call of Duty®: Black Ops II full game" is postponed. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.





Highlights of the Week:

DmC Devil May Cry add-on: Costumes Pack

Release Date: 30th January

Platform: PlayStation®3

Purchase the Dante Costume pack and get 3 alternative outfits, including “Classic Dante Costume”, one inspired by previous “Devil May Cry” title, “Dark Dante Costume”, one with black jacket and silver hair which makes Dante looks dark enough and a third one, “Neo Dante Costume”, a reborn Dante in black with red accessories. All of these 3 epic outfits are for you to conquer the DmC universe!



PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale (Asian English+Chinese Version) Numerous add-ons

Release Date: 30th January

Platform: PlayStation®3 /


Tons of minions are available as add-ons including Carmelita, Elena, Kuro and more! They appear in player’s intro and dance around. They also appear when the player has earned a Double or Triple-kill to show their support! Check the list at bottom and see if you would like to pick some of them! Evil® 6 add-on: Stage Map Pack B

Release Date: 30th January

Platform: PlayStation®3

This pack adds “Rooftop Mission” and “Creature Workshop” to “The Mercenaries” in “Resident Evil 6”. Take on an army of zombies in the confined space of the helipad on the Quad Tower in the “Rooftop Mission”stage. Finding a strong foothold will prove to be a challenge in the spiraling walkways of the “Creature Workshop”. Learn your enemies’ mutations and pick the best skills for victory!



Sleeping Dogs (English Ver.) add-on : Movie Master Pack

Release Date: 30th January

Platform: PlayStation®3

Here come the new costumes for Wei Shen again! “Sleeping Dogs”’ add-on “Movie Master Pack” (HK$15@PS Store) is available from 30th January and it just brings you into the movie world! Put on the outfit of the lone Vigilante, become a heroic legend with the Unknown Warrior outfit, or coat yourself in an armor of bronze in which each of them has its own special effect. Cry® 3 free add-on: High Tides

Release Date: 29th January

Platform: PlayStation®3

“Far Cry® 3” is releasing a FREE add-on “High Tides” for all of you!
The co-op story is far from over. Hoyt’s privateers have ambushed the four survivors and taken them hostage. It’s up to you and your friends to escape an underground prison and find a way off this island of insanity. Also includes four new character skins.



When Vikings Attack™ 2 add-ons:  When Vikings Relax! & When Vikings Relax! Toro and Kuro Costumes

Release Date: 31st January

Platform: PlayStation®3 / PlayStation®Vita

In “When Vikings Relax!”, the Scandinavian scoundrels are back with 10 new multiplayer Vs Battle Mode arenas, along with a new Infinite Survival Mode. Get set for more bonkers battles with a bunch of destructive Vikings! Those Vikings are making such a din that no one has a chance of enjoying a decent catnap. Download “Toro and Kuro Costumes”, send your members wearing hats based on Toro and Kuro, and get your claws into the invading army!






Other Hot Release:





BreakQuest: Extra Evolution

Game (minis)

PS3™ /


29th January
Jetpack Joyride

Game (minis)

PS3™ /


29th January
3D Twist & MatchGame (minis)

PS3™ /


30th January
Actual Crimes: Jack The RipperGame (minis)

PS3™ /


30th January
Arkedo Series: 01 - JUMP!GamePS3™30th January
Arkedo Series: 02 - SWAP!Game


30th January

Arkedo Series: 03 - PIXEL!

GamePS3™30th January
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City®


(Classic 2)

PS3™30th January
Page ChronicaDemo

PS Vita

30th January
Double Dragon NeonGame & DemoPS3™31st January
SAMURAI & DRAGONSGamePS Vita1st February


  • Combo Editor Expansion
  • Special Color Palette 4 [Free]

PS3™ /

PS Vita

(Cross Goods)

29th January

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz :

  • Lives Refill
  • Scratchcard
  • ToM Blitz 1,000 Crystals Pack
  • ToM Blitz 100,000 Crystals Super
  • ToM Blitz 15,000 Crystals Pack
  • ToM Blitz 1М Crystals Mega Pack
  • ToM Blitz 3,000 Crystals Pack
  • ToM Blitz 30,000 Crystals Pack
  • ToM Blitz 8,000 Crystals Pack
AddonPS Vita29th January

LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita:

  • Ground Hog Day Costume [Free]

PS Vita

30th January

Papo & Yo :

  • Original Soundtrack
AddonPS3™30th January

PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale (Asian English+Chinese Version) :

  • Minion: Ashelin
  • Minion: Buzz
  • Minion: Carmelita
  • Minion: Colossus of Rhodes
  • Minion: Elena
  • Minion: Eucadian Soldier
  • Minion: Kuro
  • Minion: Lil
  • Minion: Logan Graves
  • Minion: Lucy Kuo
  • Minion: Mr. Grimm
  • Minion: Ninja
  • Minion: Pirate
  • Minion: Polyphemus
  • Minion: Rico
  • Minion: Suzuki
  • Minion: The Professor
  • Minion: Visari

PS3™ /

PS Vita

(Cross Goods)

30th January

DREAM C CLUB Complete Edipyon! / DREAM C CLUB ZERO Special Edipyon! :

  • Accessory "Angel's anklet"
  • Accessory "Angel's bracelet"
  • Accessory "Angel's Horn"
  • Accessory "Angel's wings"
  • Accessory "Devilish anklet"
  • Accessory "Devilish bracelet"
  • Accessory "Devilish tail "
  • Accessory "Devilish Horn"
  • Accessory "Devilish wings"
  • Accessory "Ear of a rabbit "
  • Accessory "Leg of a rabbit"
  • Accessory "Tail of a rabbit"
  • Additional Contents  Free Catalog Vol.3 [Free]
  • Costume "Angel"
  • Costume "China dress"
  • Costume "Devil"
AddonPS3™31st January

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires (Japanese Ver.) :

  • Edit Costume Set 21
  • Edit Costume Set 22
  • Fairy Tale Castle Set
  • Scenario Set 13 [Free]
AddonPS3™31st January

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 :

  • Playable Character - Amiba
  • Playable Character - Han
  • Playable Character - Nameless Shura
  • Playable Character Set
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Bundle Pack

31st January

(Bundle Pack:

31st January - 27th February)

OPEN ME! (Chinese Ver.) :

  • OPEN ME! Cleaning box
AddonPS Vita31st January

Ultra Dimension NeptuneV :

  • Airi set
  • Burst set
  • MAGES.-chan party-in
  • MAGES.-chan Swim set
  • MakiseKurisu set
  • MarmelousAQL-chan party-in
  • MarmelousAQL-chan Swim set
  • Mirai set
  • Vert Idol Project Episode 2 "Noire vs Uni"
AddonPS3™31st January

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