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Lost in the Rain Out on 3rd October with Pre-order Offers

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Store

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID


“Lost in the rain” is confirmed to be released on 3rd October on PlayStation®Store at HK$ 116! Following the first developer diary we revealed earlier, we are now back to share with you some much-anticipated information - the pre-order offer details!




Pre-order the Game or Purchase Early to Enjoy Fabulous Premiums!


1) Pre-order Offer


Pre-order “Lost in the rain” during 19th September – 2nd October and enjoy the following exclusive goodies on top of the full game:


  • Lost in the rain pre-order exclusive mini soundtrack "A short story of rain"
  • Lost in the rain pre-order exclusive dynamic theme "Lost in this night"
  • Lost in the rain pre-order exclusive avatars "Children in rain"
  • Mysterious World of Lost in the rain Custom Theme

Customers who have pre-ordered the title can download the full game and the free contents on from PS Store on 3rd October, when the game is released.



2) Early Purchase Edition with Free Custom Theme

For those who have missed the pre-order offer, it’s not too late. Just purchase the title before 16th October and you will get a “Mysterious World of Lost in the rain Custom Theme”.



3) PlayStation®Plus Exclusive Offer


PS Plus members can receive a PS Plus exclusive “Ghostly Creatures Custom Theme” for free from 3rd October – 4th November.


Read on for more details about the game to keep yourself entertained during the wait!



A Poetical Walk & Getting Lost in the rain


We at PlayStation®Network team have been playing the game and found ourselves totally immersed and lost (equally as the boy) in the deserted city that evokes the feel of an old European town where rain falls ceaselessly. The protagonist, a boy who is lost in the town, navigates through the streets and alleys, sometimes running into ghostly, monster-like creatures. His invisibility (in rainless areas) is all he has to rely on to evade the creatures and find a way out in the town.


With the falling sound of rain, the lyrical narratives that tell the story, and well-considered camera perspectives – switching among eye-level, angular or bird’s eyes at times - makes you feel as if you are watching a movie and reading a storybook at the same time. In this vein, the game is divided into different chapters that unveil the boy’s journey and ultimately why this is all happening. Don’t be too worried if you get stuck at the puzzles along the way, hints appear often to offer you ideas on how to tackle them.


It strikes us as a perfect title to play at night inside a dim room before you go to bed (only if you don’t get too nervous and lose sleep at the thought of the emerging creatures!), and you will ultimately find out why “going to bed” is related to this game.


The tranquil background music certainly plays a part in generating a poetic atmosphere (and build  tension when needed).


Let’s look into this aspect of the game in the second developer diary below.




Second Developer Diary- The Music of Lost in the rain

From the early stages of the production cycle, we’ve always felt that music is one of the most important elements in creating the world of rain. In this developer diary, Yugo Kanno — who handled all aspects of the composition and arrangements — explains what initially inspired him when introduced to the project, and his experiences while composing the music.





We were also extremely fortunate to work with Connie Talbot, an up-and-coming vocalist from the UK who made her debut on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007. In the interview seen in the video, Connie shares her excitement and the unique challenges faced during the recording.


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