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What's on PSN this week

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Store

Region: HK , SG , TH , ID

What's on PSN This Week


If you like magic or you are drawn to anything magical, including wizards, spells, potions, wands and probably a surprise banknote found on the ground (who knows? That can be magic!), then Sorcery from this week’s hot release on PSN that is totally your thing!


Hold on to your PlayStation®Move controller as you enter the world of Sorcery as a sorcerer’s apprentice to fight against the Nightmare Queen who threatens to cover the land in eternal night. Your PS Move controller is your wand, and you have it all in this magical world: learning powerful spells, crafting strange potions and combining the spells to take down a multitude of enemies … see if you have the flair to master the art in this uniquely magical adventure. Read more.


Dont forget to equip the mount holder for your PlayStation®Eye to experience the magic moment!


Product NameMount holder for PlayStation Eye to insert TV
MSY Co.,Ltd.
[Mount holder for PlayStation Eye to insert TV] conveniently mounts the PlayStation Eye camera on various flat-panel televisions.
It holds the PlayStation®Eye camera in perfect position for Move gameplay and features a wide range of adjustable settings for various flat-panel HDTV shapes.


The Journey™ soundtrack is another highlight among the releases this week. Available on PS Store, the inspirational BGM of this journey for the heart can now be enjoyed with your ears. Indulge in a magical sensation brought about by the orchestral melodies composed by Austin Wintory, the same background music composer for <flOw>, in a different magical way from that in Sorcery...








Highlights of the Week:

Max Payne® full game

Available on: 22nd MayPlatform: PlayStation®3

This classic PS2 title is now relived on your PS3™ to tell the story of Max Payne, an undercover cop who has no trouble of finding himself in trouble. Why not revisit the thrill of being hunted by cops and the mob before Max Payne®3 hits the shelves?




Reality Fighters™ addon : Football Fight pack

Available on: 23th May

Platform: PlayStation®Vita

You’ll also be able to download the new Football Pack which gives you access to the brand new football fighting style equipped with over a dozen unique battle moves for just HK$23. Read more.



BioShock 2, Borderlands at 50% off

Available on: 24th ~ 30th MayPlatform: PlayStation®3

These two titles are so familiar among gamers that need no more further explanations! Now it’s the best timing to grab them since they are at a huge discount- 50% off!




Other Hot Releases:







Syphon Filter: Omega Strain (English Ver.)



PS3™23th May


  • Costume "Sister"
  • Costume "Sexy Swim Wear"
  • Costume "Bondage
  • Costume "Negative Wear"
  • Accesorry "Collar with a Chain"
  • Accesorry "Eyepatch"
  • Accesorry "Eyemask"
  • Accesorry "Devil's Tail"
  • Accesorry "Skull's Earring"
  • Accesorry "Skull's Badge"
  • Accesorry "Headphone"
AddonPS Vita22nd May

Saints Row: The Third

  • Penthouse Pack
AddonPS3™23th May

DiRT Showdown

  • VIP Pass


23th May

Hustle Kings

  • Trickshots Pack

PS Vita &


23th May

MotorStorm RC

  • SPECIAL Supermini - "Mirage Mariner"
  • SPECIAL Race Truck - "Ozutsu Outboard"

PS Vita &


23th May

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