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Page Chronica™: First-ever original concept game from Singapore will be released on Nov 21st !

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: Games > PS3

Region: HK , MY , TH

*Due to some unforeseen network problems, we are very sorry to inform you that the launch on Nov 1st has been canceled. We will resolve the problem and target the release on Nov 21st. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.


We are very pleased to announce that, Page Chronica™, a PlayStation®3 exclusive and first-ever original concept game from Singapore, will be released in PlayStation®Store. This title is the first title to hold the original concept branding, and is the first of its kind for games made in Singapore. Look forward to Page Chronica™ created by Red Hare Studios.



Its innovation is in its unique combination of the word game and action game genres. The game takes place in the Infinite Palace where Morpheus, Lord of Dreams, keeps all the stories ever dreamt of. Players assume the role of Topez, an apprentice of Morpheus, and will face the challenge of capturing The Big Bad who brings chaos to the Palace.


What separates Page Chronica™ from other action games is its unique word-game aspect of Page World. As its trailer proclaims, “Words Have Power”, players will need to capture letters and form powerful words in order to give Topez the strength to cast spells and attacks. And the fun factor that separates it from other word puzzle games is that Page Chronica™ succeeds in fusing its word-game factor into the dynamism of fast-paced action games – players are challenged to exercise wisdom as well as some fast active hand-eye coordination simultaneously. These elements will definitely ensure a new and fresh game experience.


Page Chronica™ pioneers the new wave of Asian game development, and we can anticipate even more titles from Asian local developers in the future to come.


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