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  PS3 / Eric Monacelli


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Eric Monacelli

The Last of Us Development Series Episode 1: Hush

Posted by: Eric Monacelli // Community Strategist
Category: Games > PS3

Region: HK , MY , TH , ID , VN , PH

A few weeks ago we revealed the Infected and let select media get some hands-on time against these unpredictable, fungus-infested humans. The responses were tension-filled and fantastic. We’re excited to share more information with you about The Last of Us and the Infected.





Starting with this video we’re kicking off a series that will pull back the curtain on our design, our technology, and our ideas that shape The Last of Us. We want to give you a straightforward look at our development process and the work we do here at Naughty dog. We invited Area 5 to visit the studio and capture the development process. Along the way we’ll be unpacking the many different aspects of the game and its development with a documentarian’s approach. 


This first video is just a taste of what’s upcoming. Extended cuts of these videos will be available via the game disc. We’ll have more behind-the-scenes access and content as we march toward June 14 and the launch of The Last of Us.

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