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Do you want to get a job as a Ninja, back in Edo period?

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: PlayStation Network > PlayStation Home

Region: HK , MY , TH , ID

Do you want to get a job as a Ninja, back in Edo period? If you said “yes”, then run to the draper shop and arm yourself with Ninja costumes! The Ninja costumes will raise your abilities for Mononoke battle in Edo lounge! Also the costumes will show that your job is Ninja at Defend Edo lounge and you can defeat Mononoke with Ninja player actions!


There are also the ornaments, “Cross-shape ninja star” and “Kunai,” which can be one of your weapons in the battle!


Oh, do you remember the training field located at the end of row houses whereyou can get bamboo sword? Over there, you can change the posture when you hold your weapons in thebattle now too!


You can also get an adorable partner “Loyal Shiba Dog” which suits the Edolounge and the chic “Yukata” costume which has added to the Granzella shop

lineup. The companion will follow you everywhere since it is very dutiful “Loyal Shiba Dog”!

*“Kunai”, “Loyal Shiba Dog”, “Cute kunoichi wig” (Women), “Cute kunoichi outfit” (Women) and “Cute kunoichi zori” (Women) are going to be released on June 20th.



Continue to enjoy your Edo life with fantastic new added items! Check them out and find your favorite!


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