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Arcade Smash Hit “Chaos Code” will be out on PlayStation®Store on 19th Dec!

Posted by: PSN Communication Manager

Category: Games > PS3

Region: SG , MY , TH , ID




In the August of 2011, Chaos Code, an arcade 2D fighting game from a Taiwanese developer, created a buzz in Japan, the mecca of this game genre. And this December, the acclaimed title hits PlayStation®Store. The game has 3 new playable characters for PlayStation®3–including the addition of a much-anticipated boss character–and features a number of additional play modes.


Chaos Code is set in the near future where people live on newly discovered energy called “Chaotics.” The story unfolds around the disappearance of the inventor of Chaotics and the mysterious words he left–“Chaos Code.”


While acknowledging the traditions and the simplicity of the genre, the game boasts the features necessary to be a good fighting game of recent years. It has anime-inspired dynamic characters,chain combos, extra special skills “Destruction Chaos,” extra boost “Exceed Chaos,” cancellation of opponent’s special skills “Chaos Cancel,”amongst others. The flashy special blows and combination system make it possible to execute infinite number of combo sequences. Moreover, the game’s unique “Select System”(2 additional skills chosen from a skill tree) and “Dash Select” (“speedy” or “light-footed”) allow users to create their own individual strategies and dig deeper to achieve mastery.


A total of 16 characters have their unique personalities, which leads to different stories and endings in the StoryMode. There is a ninja, otaku, cosplaying transvestite, cyborg princess, gothic Lolita girl from outer space, treasure hunter, devil summoner, combat cook, etc.


Got your attention? Well, select your favorite character and pursue the path to be the master of Chain Combo!!


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