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Emerson Escobar

Reality Fighters DLC: Ghostbusters Swag, New Weapons and More

Posted by: Emerson Escobar // Producer, SCEA

Category: Games > PlayStation Vita

Region: SG , MY , ID



Hi Everyone, I’m happy to announce that we have an exciting lineup of downloadable content coming your way for PlayStation® Vita’s Augmented Reality brawler, Reality Fighters.


Starting from the beginning of this month, you can login to PlayStation®Store and download the Weapons Pack featuring 15 new weapons including a smoke bomb, a jetpack, a cannon and more – absolutely free!

On May 10th, we put on shelves the Ghostbusters Pack which comes with two brand new costumes: the Ghostbusters uniform featuring goggles, a shirt, gloves, pants and boots, as well as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume which includes the signature marshmallow head, body, hands, legs and feet. You’ll also pick up three new weapons with this pack including the Ghostbusters proton pack, the Ghostbusters ghost trap, and Ecto 1! You can get all of this for only HK$23 when you download the Ghostbusters Pack from the PS Store.


Then, on May 23rd, you’ll also be able to download the new Football Pack which gives you access to the brand new football fighting style equipped with over a dozen unique battle moves for just HK$23 .


Note: The above message is a revised version of the original message from Emerson Escobar for Reality Fighters DLC with content release information updated according to Asia schedule. The names and release dates of the DLC may vary across regions.


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