PaRappa the Rapper makes its way to PlayStation™4! Celebrating the title’s 20th anniversary, we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained!

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PaRappa the Rapper, one of the PlayStation’s major icons, is making its way to PlayStation 4 in 2017!

The original, the popstar, the cute, the groovy, PaRappa the Rapper who took the world by storm on the first PlayStation is making his way to PlayStation 4! All the fun, dancing, and rapping of the original which was loved so much by people of all ages is preserved and reborn in new and improved graphical glory on the PS4. Experience PaRappa and his unique gang’s groovy beats for yourself!


*About PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper is a rhythm action game released in 1996 which lead the way for other music games and established a unique genre all to its own. Our protagonist PaRappa is trying to win the heart of the heroine Sunny and using his rap powers to overcome all the obstacles in his way. He is joined on his journey by his gang of unique friends in this rhythm action game loved the world over.


Play the first level in its entirety for nothing on a free demo arriving on Tuesday the 6th of December!

 A free demo of the game will be arriving on the PlayStation Store from December 6th. In this demo you can try out the first level of the game and have a rap battle with the one and only Chop Chop Master Onion in ‘The Fruites Dojo’.



Limited Edition PS4 Original Theme for PlayStation Plus subscribers available from the 7th of December!

 A PS4 Original Theme for PlayStation Plus subscribers will be available for a limited time from the 7th of December. This wallpaper has been made by PaRappa the Rapper’s original character designer Rodney Greenblat to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.

  • Availability: 7th Dec, 2016 (Wed) to 10/1/2017 (Tues)


■Timeless Masterpieces!  ‘LocoRoco’ and ‘Patapon’ are also going to be released on PS4®!

 ‘LocoRoco’ and ‘Patapon’, originally released for PSP (PlayStation Portable) and made popular by their unique music and controls are making their way to PS4! We hope you all enjoy these exiting and timeless masterpieces a fresh with the amazing graphics of PS4.


Trailer Announced at the ‘PlayStation Experience 2016’ Game Event in America


  • ‘LocoRoco’

    A easy to control action game where the player uses the L and R buttons to tilt and flip the ground to guide the small ball-like ‘LocoRoco’ creatures to their goal.


  • ‘Patapon’

    March forward with a band of strange and cute little eye creatures called ‘Patapon’ along with the beat of the drum. A rhythm action game where you have to gather friends, gain strength and finally defeat any enemies which get in your way.


‘PaRappa the Rapper’ Product Summary 

Product Name

PaRappa the Rapper




Rhythm Action

Release Date







A (All Ages)


Sony Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

Copyright Notices

©Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. ©Rodney A.Greenblat/Interlink

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